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Finally, a book!

This is killer cool.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to do my recipes…there’s about a hundred web services out there that will publish a book of recipes for you.  I do not have a book of recipes ready; I work on this rather sporadically – and what about additions and modifications?

I found by accident that Avery and Zazzle have partnered to provide totally custom 3-ring binders.  This kicks wicked ass.  Browse them here:  http://www.zazzle.com/recipe+binders

I’m not sure whether I intend to use one of their pre-fab binders or make my own with my pictures and digiscrap graphics.  This one in particular did strike my fancy though, in a big way:  The NechroNOMNOMNOMicon This is funny to me, probably because I am sick.

The back reads:

” WARNING You now hold in your hands a terrible book! It is known as The NecroNOMNOMNOMicon – the Forbidden Cookbook of the ‘Mad Chef’ Apinchof Allspice. Please – I BEG of you – DESTROY THE BOOK NOW!

It may be tempting to play with the ‘ounces’ and ‘half cups’ mentioned within. You may think you can control the forces that promise delicious treats if you merely practice their rituals of ‘stir until smooth’ or ‘bake for one hour’. I warn you, friend – your kitchen will NEVER be as it once was!

DESTROY the book! And should you ever again see the sign of the plate-a-gram, as is on the cover, dabble not in these tasty arts!

I wish you well in all your OTHER culinary endeavors.”


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