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This shit is the shit.  I’ve never fed this to anyone that didn’t ask for the recipe.  It’s a little bit time consuming, but it is otherwise stupid easy.

It used to be that you could get a roasted, seasoned veggie medley from Schwan’s.  There was a recipe in the catalog for making a casserole of it with chicken broth and salsa, which you topped with sliced cheese I believe.  I added bacon right off the bat, because a meal without meat struck me as weird.

Once I couldn’t get the pre-fab veggies anymore (every time Schwan’s carries something you really like, it gets discontinued) I faked my own using a roasted red potato recipe I found online (AllRecipes?) and modified; then just threw in a can of green beans (it was mostly potatoes and broccoli as it came from Schwan’s).  Then hubby improved it with the suggestion of using cream of chicken soup instead of broth, and we started using a shredded colby/jack cheese blend to top it, as we tend to keep that around more than slices.

It’s developed into something we really like.  It’s good served as a main dish with some canned Southern-style biscuits or as a side to hot wings.  You can also skip the casserole part and just serve the roasted & seasoned taters because they’re quite good on their own.

I used this kit, this kit, this kit and one random freebie element which I did not make note of where I got it.


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This is one of those things I stumbled on, online.  We made it one time and decided it would be a staple.

It’s not real lean, even with turkey sausage…but DAMN!  It’s freakin’ tasty.

I used this kit for this project.

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This is a good way to use up the extra zucchini that’s laying around, if you have some plants in the garden that suddenly went nuts like we do at the moment.

This recipe came from a friend of a friend.  Our friend had it at his friend’s house…got the recipe and shared it with us.  I made it entirely on his say-so and it was definitely good; although, we would probably add bacon next time.  As you will eventually see, just about everything cooked in this house is made better by adding bacon.

This is my first digital scrapbook recipe layout.  I used this kit.

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